Wet Feet

Travis and I have enrolled in a ‘crew training’ course for the next 2 months in the hopes of getting our feet wet out on the bay (literally).  We’re told the object of this class is to train us for the Hampton Yacht Club and a Chesapeake Bay Racing Series where we are the hot commodity being traded– crew members.  Yesterday was our first open water racing experience on the boat ‘Bad Habit‘ where we met Captain Bob, and additional crew: Bill, Chuck, and Rob  http://badhabitsailing.wordpress.com/

Here’s a good picture of a race start for those of you who have never seen a boat race, they start pretty much like a horse race, but minus the starting gate.  The boats get as close to the starting boat as possible so that they can maintain position/ right-of-way when the gun goes off… (Imagine 30 boats under full sail trying to vie for position in a relatively small area under different tacks)  Luckily for us, our draw this week on Bad Habit gave us an excellent captain who has been finishing ‘top 3’ every race… the evening was spent learning the ropes with a highly competitive Skipper and crew.  Our crew responsibilities were to act as live ballast during the race… sitting on the windward side of the hull and switching sides of the boat every tack.  We looked something like this minus the heavy weather gear for the majority of the race-2013_St_Pete_NOOD_B_471

Although day racing is definitely not like day cruising, we are definitely learning the ropes and having a great time!  One of the goals we had before heading out was to make sure the Captain would invite us back for future opportunities to get on the water and thankfully we were invited back to the ‘Bad Habit’ anytime as our balance and ability to deftly maneuver across the deck without  falling overboard was highly impressionable!  Ultimately we will get a chance to perform the other crew positions on a variety of boats over the next few weeks, but for now getting our feet wet with racing was a great introduction to sailing.


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  1. Doug Ladle says:

    You’re an adventurous family! I would have more than wet feet. . .wet everything!

    Keep us posted! Love, DAD

    1. Thanks for always being our biggest fan!

  2. Emi Flamm says:

    Wow, that sounds so fun and terrifying at the same time. I admire your ambition. Will you be able to post once you set out to sea?

    1. Our plan is to definitely have some communication with the real world, we’ll see how often that actually pans out though!

  3. Julia Andersen says:

    Jamie! You are amazing and you ROCK! I have not talked with you enough and you better enjoy this with every ounce of your soul for me! Love you tons, and be safe. I got your letter and cried. It came on the perfect day when I needed it most. I also think of you every time I look up through the leaves of a tree at the sky. Love, Julia

    1. We are definitely looking forward to accomplishing this as a family! Our timeframe is a bit postponed, but we are trusting in God to help us get out there. Thanks for your friendship, I am glad to have you in my inner circle!

  4. john valimont says:

    Sorry we missed you. We will miss you too. Be safe. Storms are coming and water is rough this tim of year. Stay close to shore. When you get to Florida and start sailing to the Carribbean. Try to go with a group of other boats. I have been told those waters are really choppy and rough. You will be in our prayers. Please do keep us in formed how you are doing. Love john & germa

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