There are some things hoped for, dreamed about, and then relentlessly worked to attain.  Sailing is going to be one of those experiences for us.  We went out a few weeks ago and enjoyed seeing a storm move in front of us, followed by a beautiful arching rainbow and a dousing of rain.   What made it even more worthwhile was Samantha has been joining us on these past few sails- she’s learning the lingo and enjoying the hands on experiences.   As we headed back to the marina, we were even more surprised to see a few dolphins as they swam near the boat- How cool is that?  Super cool I say.  Here’s a picture of what they looked like: (I still am trying to figure out how taking pictures and handling the mainsail can actually happen at the same time, until then you’ll have to endure these internet friendly versions!


Last week I Skyped with Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation founder Gregg Treinish and research scientist Dr. Julie Ellis whom we’ll be helping on our adventure by recording data for her Banded Seagull project.  So far we have about 40 hours logged around the Tidewater Peninsula and on the Bay—we have been surprised at the decrease in populations and our increased skills in gull identification! Becoming citizen scientists has definitely added depth to our research abilities.  We have also been recruited to help with another fun project as well– recording sightings of dolphins, whales and sea turtles—we can’t wait to start that one!  If you are slightly interested in developing your inner conservation scientist or linking your love of nature with a scientific purpose, I highly recommend this organization!  Check out their website


In a nutshell, that’s what we’ve been up to—moving forward with our goals and developing relationships to help us get there (and being awed at a few of God’s creations along the way).


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  1. Julia Andersen says:

    I love that you are so adventurous!!! You are such an inspiration and I miss you. I think you should post more too. 😉 Love you all so much! Julia

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