My 9 Month Hiatus

For most people 9 months is related to life changes like having a baby… the whole time you prepare and wait, knowing that at the end you will have this amazing gift from God– a little miracle.  My non-blogging hiatus for the past 9 months has been a preparation of sorts as well, just no baby– but  life changes yes, a tender mercy from God- definitely.   To catch everyone up on where we have been these past few months, here are the main highlights-

January – May: Finally got the house all together and the last of the flooring down– just in time to enjoy it for a few months with family and friends.

Enter June and our tender mercy-  we list the house for sale and within a day, get a contract on the house to close the end of July- Wahoo!  Our tender mercy…  The soul intent on purchasing this house was to use it as a stepping stone to allow us the time to sail as a family.   One of the many frustrations we have had over the years has been the amount of time it takes us to sell the homes we are intent on moving from.  Since we bought it over a year ago, we knew we would do all we could to prepare the home for sale, but ultimately it would be in His timeline of when we could actually get out on the water.

July- we get the go ahead with the Orton’s to lease their boat.  (No more stresses about finding ‘the one’ for us)  We can’t share anchorages, but we do get to share the same boat!  About this time I start realizing that this is actually going to happen- our 5 yr + dream is coming to fruition! (Crazy I know, but really- its still hard to believe it!)   Travis and I get in some day sailing in up in Deltaville, enough to wet our appetite and seriously be happy with the catamaran (no heeling).  The girls get to enjoy sailing in Seaford.  We pack up, move out of the house looking ff to the upcoming adventure on the boat and into the welcome arms of Travis’ parents for the few remaining months we have before we head out.


Samantha takes the Helm!


Little Girls Sail
Ready for a Day of Sailing



Processed with VSCOcam
Heeling our Tails off

August- Travis and I take a week a week off down in Florida and enjoy some time together- and begin mapping, preparing, planning the many things we need to get together to make it happen.

September– We meet the Orton’s and get to enjoy some of their awesome singing as a family– look out world the Kryptonites are here to stay!

Ortons Rock Out!

And here we are, a few days from heading up to pick up the boat and begin our adventure!  Sharing a quote from the Alchemist, “…When you really want something, it seems as if the entire universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”  I totally agree, but it’s God who we owe our thanks.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. nathan thomas says:

    excited for you guys…thanks for sharing

  2. Doug Ladle says:

    This is an amazing window into your lives! I’ll be a devoted follower–wish I could be a little “sea fly” on the wall while you’re discovering new things. Our prayers and curiosity will follow you on your adventure! Love, MacDad, Your Scottish Crewman

  3. Soana Lister says:

    Excited for your little family! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us! 🙂

  4. Kami Williamson says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing! I’m glad things are going well for you and your family!

  5. Laura Walton says:

    How exciting!! How beautiful your girls are and are becoming! I love reading this and keeping up on your lives. Thank you
    I miss you all!!! XOXO

  6. Dominica Somerville says:

    I am so excited about your upcoming adventure! I am so happy that we got the opportunity to connect before you sail away. Blessings and fun in the future!

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