Phase I : Fezywig U

Beginnings- with every new experience there is obviously a heavy learning curve- having Erik show us the boat dynamics and systems for a few days has definitely helped shorten that time for us. Here’s a quick run down of Phase 1: Fezywig U

Day One: Upper Manhattan to Manasquan, NJ
Conditions: Hudson River, NY Harbor, Open Ocean; motor sailing; night sailing; Emily shows me the ropes in the galley
#LadyLiberty #Beginnings #NotSureIfI’mGoingToPuke
Miles Logged: 50 (think five knots an hour… a knot is slightly more than a mile, so 10 hours)




Day Two: Manasquan, NJ to Atlantic City
Conditions: NJ ICW, bridges (we’re fifty eight feet at the top of the mast), motoring, marshes night sailing with unlit day markers, anchoring with heavy current in dark
#howclosecanweget  #INavRocks #thebridlegoeswhere
Miles logged: Not sure, just got in late

Day Three: Atlantic City to Cape May, NJ
Conditions: Water maker, rained til noon, open ocean SAILING on beam reach in 20 plus knot winds and crazy flying 8.4 to 10.8 knots, anchored in the dark
Miles logged: not as many as planned had to cut in due to heavy chop outside the mouth of the Delaware
#Rockstars #Flying #DitchbyCoastguardStation

Day Four: Cape May, NJ to Chesapeake City, MD

Conditions:  Used the tides to gain speed/ time, 12 hours planned travel down to 10, motor sailing on a beam reach, open ocean around Cape, then into the Delaware Bay, Travis navigates whole day, Erik graduates us Sum a Cum Laude and heads home to family

Miles Logged: 67 ~ in 10.five hours, arrived after dark again (Erik likes to do hard things)
#Wanted:LighthouseOperator #CaptainTravis #She’sAllOurs


Day Five: Chesapeake City to Magothy River, MD (Western shore below Baltimore)
(SOLO or is that DUO? from here on out 🙂

Conditions: Motoring, left with tide countercurrent into 25 knot south wind… not favorable, but doable.  Highlight of Day… motorsailing with jib gave us 2 extra knots, Set anchor on first try!
#CalmMistyMorning #Choppy #BeautifulAnchorage #PartyofTwo #SkipperBobRocks
Miles Logged: Fifty two, arrived at sunset


Day Six: Magothy River, MD to Hudson Creek, MD (Eastern shore;1/3 of way down Chesapeake… 120 more to go)

Conditions: left with tide, head wind, motor sailing, beautiful anchorage
Miles Logged: 40, arrived with plenty of time to make water, check on the dinghy
#CrabPots #CrazyBridges #SouthASAPplease #MakingFreshWater


So far we are on day 2 of our solo sailing and have focused on a southerly course, although the weather and the boat are going against each other  = challenging conditions.  There are some definite perks to having 2 auxilary engines… mostly that you can get yourself out of tight situations relatively easily AND you don’t have to have the wind to hold your course.   A few crew kudos are in order for the modern navigation inventions of GPS/ InavX night vision app, data streaming wi-fi networks, Skipper Bob Publications and the consumer friendly digital camera, of which have saved us innumerable man labor hours and much less grey hair.  As this is a travel log, I will postpone my awe of modern technological advancements for a later date, however Wikipedia does an excellent job explaining the invention of the camera if you are so inclined 🙂

Day Seven:   Hudson Creek to Tangier Island, MD (History Buffs:  checkout the craziness!)

Conditions: Wind from the South, motoring, lone passage

#TargetPractice  #TangierIsland


Day Eight: Picking up the KIDS!  Tangier Island to Chisman Creek, VA (off the Poquoson River)

Conditions: Wind from the south (again), motoring-  atleast the kids were able to have a somewhat not too rocky first day!

Day Nine: Arriving at Deep Creek Landing Marina, VA

Conditions: Of course a head wind :), motoring to beat the rain, early morning sunrise!

wpid-wp-1413025267527.jpeg wpid-wp-1413025256625.jpeg wpid-wp-1413025241533.jpeg 20141009_144705

We’ve pick up the crew (our four kiddos) near the Piankatank and they have successfully conquered a night on the boat– we had pretty much no wind and have had to motor all the way down to our anchorage at Chisman Creek and then again on our last leg through the Hampton Roads area.  We saw dolphins several times and are hoping that we get to see more!  The kids are doing a great job acclimating to boat life– I’ve come to think its very similar to RV living… you have the luxury of a movable home, get to travel with your family and see some awesomeness along the way!  Phase One has definitely been a great ride and given us a few stories to tell :), Phase Two is just beginning- Transitioning the Kids!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. moltr99 says:

    This is so scary and exciting. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Now that I’m on the verge of having a child leaving home and not far off of having another leave I’m reminiscing and wondering if I have given them enough amazing or even just good memories and experiences to take with them. I’m hoping they have had examples of following your dreams and the hard work it often takes to make them happen. Thanks for the example and push for me to re-evaluate our priorities.

    1. One of the greatest gifts we’ve been given is the time we have to be with our children. Regardless of what experiences we do or do not have as a family, some of the underlying principles of happiness we hope to imprint on our children are: “…faith, prayer, repentence, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities.” (Family Proclamation, pp7) Travis and I have always made enjoyment of the outdoors and nature part of our relationship. Quality time together strengthens us as a family unit and gives us the setting for teaching a lot of life lessons and developing positive relationships. We’re super excited to open up 2/3rds of the earths surface for that time together 🙂

  2. Doug Ladle says:

    So is Travis and Samuel going to grow beards. . .and will the rest of you ladies go granola??? You all look like you are becoming dolphins yourselves! Love, DAD

    1. Yes dad, I agree- boat life is a lot like camping, except we are on open water vs. hiking through some of the Rockies finest. If we let the men on the boat get a break, I’m sure they’ll feel that way about us womenfolk right? 🙂

  3. Laura Walton says:

    You are amazing me! I could never have this experience you are enjoying now…at least in this lifetime and this body. So; I am do enjoying this vicarious adventure you are sharing!! Thanx…the photos are incredible

  4. Rob Walton says:

    This really is an adventure that all will remember. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Thanks Rob for following us– we wish we had your language skills to accommodate a broader travel plan, perhaps next time around we will have broadened our languages!

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