Phase II: Southbound via the ICW- Great Dismal Swamp

Today this quote by Mark Twain has especially touched my heart-

Throw off the bowlines
Sail away from the safe harbor
Catch the wind in your sails.
Explore, Dream, Discover.

This morning we did exactly that and said good bye to Travis’ parents for the short term, waving our hearts out and looking forward to the next reunion.  There was something immeasurably reassuring this past week knowing we had a vehicle ashore to connect us with land life and humanity.  Now that we are now solely on the water, there is a feeling of isolation from the familiar, but also a gentle reminder that new things won’t be new forever.


Something we have already enjoyed since docking/ provisioning has been the feeling that we are now being welcomed into another family-  one where sailing hearts and hands reach out in friendship and encourage you into their liquid world.  So yes, we are throwing off the bowlines… exploring, dreaming and discovering not just new places, but welcoming the new friendships as well.


The Great Dismal Swamp is our destination today.  Starting with the Deep Creek Lock, we got to experience the full effect of rushing water into an enclosed space where the 8′ difference in water levels was made up in about 10 minutes.  Definitely one of those docking experiences where I was happy we had that 25′ line 🙂 The tannic acid here looks more like Root Beer, I’d even say Coke has nothing on this stuff… it has been known to clean hulls with out lifting a hand!



Beautiful conditions for motoring today, sunny skies and light winds.  Traveling with a few other sailboats and trawlers, lots of new faces  and company.


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  1. Laura Walton says:

    Stunning pictures…sweet memories

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