There was a recent AP article Travis and I came upon the other night– one that a renowned world globetrotter shared his foremost opinion on the best place to travel: Nowhere- that amongst all of the multi-tasking, constantly connected, airport-hopping lifestyles we need STILLNESS.

Half of me agrees with him, the other half still yearns to see what’s over horizon line.  The art of enjoying STILLNESS is one of those hard to find embellishments in life- pondering, reflecting and enjoying the raw beauty of God’s creations and more importantly, finding happiness and acceptance in your personal connection with Him.  Since embarking on this sailing adventure, we’ve had a re-discovery of the many ways God manifests himself to man.   I wouldn’t necessarily negate all travel- but I would suggest that you can find places which trigger the desire in you to just reflect- to become STILL and let yourself reconnect with your maker.  Let the beauty He has given us draw you closer to Him.  So I challenge you to find your spot or moment where you can just revel in the beautiful world we’ve been given and pamper yourself in the simplicity of STILLNESS.

This past anchorage- Wassaw Island was one of those locations where we were somewhat isolated (there were only 2 other sets of footprints we found, besides animal tracks the whole 2 days) and able to enjoy one of those moments of STILLNESS.  Here’s some of the awesomeness we found —

Our Anchorage… anyone heard of Wassaw NWR before? (Me neither)
Green Buoy #7- How did you get here?
Look- a sea turtle’s nest!
Sam’s armor of horse shoe crabs shells!
This looks very similar to a beach that brought much stillness to my soul- Ft. Monroe, thanks for all of the good times!
Sand dollar Heaven!


Hiking through the Land of the Lost







Aslan’s Table
Our first Echinoderm!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. john valimont says:

    Off of what state is this island at? Looks like fun. I would of enjoyed it. Hope you all are well and safe. John & Germa

    1. John, we are in Georgia- never knew it could be so beautiful!

  2. Doug Ladle says:

    What an important dimension of life. . .stillness. Hasn’t God said, “Be Still. . .and know that I am.” I wonder where I can find such a place over here in Scotland. I’ll be on the lookout. . .there are so many places that could lend themselves to that quiet solitude and pondering. Carry on–Adventurers!

  3. Carol Lewis says:

    Georgia is very pretty too ! Take a shot on your way back and go to Tybee Island Lighthouse. Watch out for those bed bugs !

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