Creatures and Castles


Conspiracy theory friends (or those who are interested in unpeeling some of the layers of  public awareness), I had one of those surreal moments the other day where I walked through time to the late 1800’s/ early 1900’s and saw  the infamous Jekyll Island Club… for those of you who aren’t familiar with the history here, please take a minute or couple days to read over the excellent retelling behind the creation of the Federal Reserve System and its foundations with the upper echelon power houses.   Several years ago I read “The Creature From Jekyll Island” and had quite a bit of understanding added to knowledge of economics and centralized banking.  VERY INTERESTING… here’s some pics of our visit back in time on one of Georgia’s most infamous islands.

Jekyll Island Clubhouse- impressive is it not?
The home away from home for such elites as the JP Morgan and Rockefeller families… the Sans Souci.
Sporting our new rides (they were loaners, but still- much better than hiking the whole island!)
Riding down the awesome BIKE PATH that went around the WHOLE island! “Riverview Drive” side
Beach riding- who knew?


We decided to stop at Cumberland Island, GA for one reason– the wild horses.   Several years ago we had the opportunity to visit the Chincoteague/ Assageatue islands on the Eastern Shore but the younger girls were so little, they of course don’t remember. Samantha on the other hand, is game for anything that has to do with horses- so we decided to see if we could get lucky.  As soon as we walked onto the island– SHEBANG, there were several grazing in an open field near us.  I tried to hold back Samantha, but really- some of her pictures were those “closer than they appear” variety 🙂  After we hiked around the island we came to the Dungeness ruins…where what do you suppose we saw?

Right when we stepped on shore…


DSCF1585 DSCF1574

JANE EYRE fans read on–   An interesting side note to this island is that it is directly south of Jekyll Island, and again– this island has its roots intertwined with another wealthy family, the Carnegie’s.  Who knew?  really, I had no idea southern Georgia barrier island ecology was so prestigious!  Either way, as soon as I saw this relic, the first thing that entered my mind was look- it’s Thornfield Hall!  It is exactly what I envisioned right after Mr. Rochester takes that fateful walk up to the roof!  (for those of you who are unfamiliar with Charlotte Bronte’s famous work)  I had no idea places like this were stateside… thankfully the fire didn’t take it all– Absolutely LOVED it!

Thornfield Hall… “Jane, Jane, Jane!”


As the last stop on our list this week, we were super stoked to get there on Saturday AM.  Once again the weather favored us and we over-nighted the distance Friday so that we could have some extra time to see the Castillo De San Marco as well as get some grocery shopping in.  This was another location we had visited years before… and thankfully this time the kiddos did say they remembered it 🙂

We actually were lucky and got a mooring ball right outside the walls of the Castillo… see if you can find Fezywig in the mooring field!

wpid-wp-1415532307355.jpeg wpid-wp-1415532286299.jpeg wpid-wp-1415532396401.jpeg





3 Comments Add yours

  1. Doug Ladle says:

    I feel like I’m in a university when I read your blog–learning economics, literature, biology, and geography! Your kids are receiving a world-class and a world-wide education! Sally On!

    1. Thanks, it has certainly been an education prepping for this trip- even better to be able to match the place to the knowledge 🙂

  2. Carol Lewis says:

    Love the horses ,Can you bring one back for me ?

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