Taking Florida at a Run

We were hoping for an early arrival into southern Florida warmer weather, but didn’t make it as planned before a storm holed us up just north of Daytona Beach.   No worries though- nothing a little bit of comfort food couldn’t help get us through the day of heavy rain 🙂   Here’s a pic of what magic our little oven could make– smiles all around!

Playing games all day and eating yummy food!


As we headed out of the Ponce Inlet, we were met with the awareness of the power behind waves crashing on the seawall. Pretty impressive for 5′ swell near the shore.  No fear though, we knew we would have that shelter in the inlet for a short time, then the open water and we’re home free until we get to the Lake Worth Inlet.

Seawall break Ponce Inlet- FL

This past week’s passage through half of Florida was a bit rougher on Travis than the others- thankfully we have some awesome helpers in the kitchen- Madeline helped out with the meals while I took the helm as his nausea med didn’t kick in as hoped.

Madeline making quesadillas!
Passing by Cape Canaveral!


We made it free and clear into West Palm Beach, then had a few days to recuperate, stretch our legs, and enjoy the warmer weather.   Since we were only a short hop down the ICW from family- we are hanging out in Boca Raton loving the fact that we get lots of time with them as our weather window to ‘jump off’ to the Bahamas is a bit like Mary Poppins– we’ll be here until the wind changes 🙂

flyingLadles DSCF1685


3 Comments Add yours

  1. john valimont says:

    Keep save Sailors. My prayers are with you guys every day. Gods Speed. John & Germa

  2. Carol Lewis says:

    Looks like you had a good time Hope it continues for smooth sailing!

  3. Carol Lewis says:

    My mother is doing fine , but I fell and hurt my back . Also have a BIG kidney stone on my right side that the Doctor’s are afraid to touch! Miss you guys and have been trying to follow you ,but have been sick for two months now ! I did get a new lens for my camera for Christmas ,From me to me ,Now I can shoot those eagles and get a nice good shot! Hope you are having fun on your adventure! Keep those batteries charged and send some shots !Would love to see more pictures ! Where are you now ?

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