The Stories We Live

While Travis and I were coming down from NY with Erik, he asked us to share some of our stories… life experiences that we would want to retell around a campfire and in someway, give insight into the people we were (okay, so I read a bit into his story request, but that’s what I felt he really wanted to hear). To be honest with you, I couldn’t come up with a single story that was worthy of sharing where I was the main character…. sure I could share stories where Travis or the kids were the highlight of the story, but me… hmmm, not a single one the whole night.   And it was at that point I knew that journaling wasn’t enough… I wanted to be able to share my stories off the top of my head to anyone who asked and perhaps even make a few people smile and chuckle at the stupidly fun things I did when I was younger (and maybe even older) and definitely share some of those moments when I put boards on my character house.  So when I recently came upon this book “A Million Miles in A Thousand Years” by Donald Miller, I thought this one maybe the one which actually catapults me into action (and the timing is about right:).

In essence, he proposes the idea that like a good story being told, our lives can be just as intentional and transformational (which I totally agree with).  The absence or appearance of good story elements can create a deeper meaning to our lives or allow it to be as comfortable and easy as we choose.  We are the protagonist in the story of our lives; we can control what we do and say, but the positive and negative undercurrents are where God allows us to create our own transformation in the chapter he has given us.  Yes, He does send a Voice that occasionally helps us write a better story and become better people, but where the magic happens is when we can enjoy our place in His story.

And with that in mind, the record of my life could be as easy as that… a collection of memorable scenes, inciting incidents and series of events where character transformation is the story of my life.  Of course, now the work begins… and I’m hoping you can help me remember as much of my story as I care to retell.  So if you can take the time to share, send me a story that connects my story with yours.  I’d love to rediscover those lost memories where through either pain/ conflict we bonded… dragons we slayed together, journey’s we endured, or whimsical fun which brought so much happiness to my life.  I thank you in advance,  andersonjm190@gmail…
(please allow for a few days in response as our plugged in life tends to be on the less reliable side 🙂

“We are designed to search for something, the point isn’t the search itself, but perhaps the transformation it creates.”

And since we are still enjoying life in the Bahamas, here’s some recent pics of our adventures…





2 Comments Add yours

  1. Doug Ladle says:

    You have stirred great feelings in an ol’ heart . . .to work on my narrative.

    Love, DAD

  2. Jamie Anderson says:

    Thanks for the beginnings of typing up your history as well dad, its neat to see the undercurrents of your life at an early age 🙂

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