23° 26′ N 76° 0′ W

So far, traveling south over imaginary latitude lines has been relatively uneventful… Although for this next line-  we’re hoping for a bit more celebration as later this week will be officially crossing over the  Tropic of Cancer,  Wahoo!  We are currently at Georgetown, Exumas and will be moving south to the Jumentos and Ragged Cays next where the spearing is plentiful and the scenery ideally rugged and remote.  I am a bit behind in posts,  but here is a relatively quick update to catch you up.

We have had a remarkable time making our way south through the Exumas with another kid boat, Isla Bonita.  They are from the Canadian Yukons and have good reason to spend their winters down here (so far they are working on 13 years!)  They started showing us the ropes with spearfishing and now we get to enjoy some of their favorite spots.  Here are some pictures of some of our favorite adventures together through the southern Exumas.


We were pleasantly surprised at our last anchorage when a pod of 4 dolphins decided to play near the boats for several hours.  Then kids jumped in and out of the water loving the chance to swim near and with such beautiful creatures.  We were all disappointed when they didn’t come visit the following day as well.


This was a location which David Copperfield had a hand in making as he had this mermaid and piano sculpted and placed near his private island here in the Bahamas for one of his wive’s birthdays.  Travis was the only one in our family who actually made it down far enough to sit at the piano, between the current and the depth the rest of us enjoyed it from a few feet above.



Isla Bonita showed us this rare freshwater cave where numerous underwater tunnels were fun to explore and we even discovered s cave shrimp.  This osprey nest was a fun find as well after hiking to the top of Oven Rock, thankfully the adults gave us enough space and didn’t dive bomb us 🙂


And finally, one of the new foods we tried was this Bahamian snail… the Wilk.  The kids spend about 30 minutes combing the low level lava rocks near the shore and came back with about fifty of these beauties.  We boiled them for about 20 minutes, would insert the knife into the shell, pull the snail out, slice off the dark stuff and enjoy the white meat.  If you can get over the squishy chewiness of the meat, it is a great source of protein and definitely topped off our meal nicely.  I do have to mention that Travis got 3 spiny lobsters for us to enjoy later that week as well.  Unfortunately we were too preoccupied with getting them to fit into the pots to boil that I forgot entirely to take any pictures.  After we boiled them, it took us about an hour to get all of the meat out of the body/ legs/ and antennae, really it was amazing to see how much meat they had on them!  I will remember to get a picture next time he spears one 🙂


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mary Ellen says:

    Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. It gives us an opportunity to see things we would never see otherwise.
    Love you!

  2. john valimont says:

    What an adventure. Was worring about you. Haven’t heard from you in so long. Glad to hear you are fine. Where did you spend Christmas and New Years? Keep Safe. Gods Speed. John& Germa

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