Let the Wild Rumpus Begin

The journey over the Tropic of Cancer has been a treat, we have been blessed to hear the now familiar spin of Travis’ fishing reel as a fish takes hold of his lure and even got to put up the sails with the one of first great sailing days in over a month, Wahoo! It has been wonderful to feel the boat glide over the waves and bring a connection between the wind and the waves again… if only every longer passage was as rewarding we would be doing them more 🙂



We are now officially in the”Raggeds” of the Bahamas and between cold fronts, have been able to visit with the sole resident of Beunavista Cay, Edward.  He moved up here from Duncantown in hopes of getting away from the ‘big’ city, except of course it isn’t anything near as crazy as our big cities.  Travis and some other cruisers helped him with the framing of his roof, but the typical Bahamian mentality is that they are in a ‘happy state of disrepair,’ so perhaps next time we are through here he may have the plywood for the actual roof 🙂  The kids have enjoyed visiting and caring for the youngest of his goat herd, making frequent trips to assess how they can better feed and house this perfectly sized pet.


As promised, there is definitely some great spearfishing down here… the first night here, Travis brought home 2 lobster and a few squirrel fish to eat, we have loved having fresh seafood bar in our backyard!   I’m not sure Red Lobster will ever taste the same (I do think the aura of eating seafood that Travis caught just an hour prior; filleted, boiled and cleaned by the kids, and all this done while the boat gently rolls to the wind and current will be hard to duplicate 🙂  What kind of madness do I get to live in?


The kids were able to do some spearing yesterday and thankfully we didn’t see any sharks, but today we got in the water and in two separate locations quickly were escorted back to the boat by two six foot lemon sharks.  We’re hoping that tomorrow we can find some extra sweet coral heads that are missing the larger predators 🙂




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  1. kanani says:

    Jamie, I just got caught up on your grand adventure. wow! I can only imagine the memories you and your family are making. what an experience! I love reading about your trip. you are a brave momma! ~kanani hepworth

    1. Kanani, good to hear from you! We are having a great time out here, you guys are definitely going to have try this, free spirits that you are :). Looking ff to catching up next time we hit Rexburg on the 4th!

  2. willowlas says:

    I am soooo loving your grand adventure! I’m living vicariously through your words! Marine Biology was my first love (and original plan before it was derailed by my true love…my husband! But MB is still a very close second!). We miss you all but are very happy to see that you guys are well and meeting lots of friends….including the predators. Be safe but daring!!!

    1. I grew up in a land locked state, so this opportunity has been a bit of a life long dream as well, loving the time underwater!

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