The Far Reaches of Civilization

Duncantown is placed strategically on the southern most cay in the outlying Ragged island of the Bahamas.   If you so desire to take a jaunt to Cuba, it is a mere sixty miles south from the anchorage and you get to have your picture taken as a helicopter frequently oversees the traffic going to and coming from this anchorage.  Thankfully we were able to extend our stay down here in the Raggeds as the fresh produce and fuel we ordered arrived on the mailboat and everyone grew cheerful once again as our diet improved.  The islands are aptly named as you definitely need to be able to live on the more rugged side of life in order to survive here (we do still take showers atleast once a week, although the fresh water is optional :).  As you can see from our previous posts, the wildlife is typically more plentiful and you can find dinner at the next coral head with a relatively few hours invested into the hunt.  Unfortunately there are some illegal out of country fishing boats that have snuck in and over harvested some of these reefs because their own waters have been stripped of life.  The population of Duncantown is a solid fifty two individuals, with their one room schoolhouse topping out at 11 pupils.  We had a chance to walk through town a few times and revel in the fiber optic cable wifi, unfortunately the kids were all off island at a national award ceremony in Nassau, so we were not able to attend school with them.  Here are some of the shots of the furthest point south in the Raggeds.  We’re heading north again, aiming for a spring return to the US of A.

Our furthest point south! (sixty miles to Cuba!)
Local homes
The schoolyard
That is a serious crawfish! (lobster 🙂

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  1. john valimont says:

    Hey Travis. Don’t let that big guy eat you. That is the biggest lobster I have ever seen. The whole family ought to be able to eat that one. What a catch!!

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