Crossing the Atlantic

We decided to take our adventure across some bigger waters to visit family… in Scotland!  However, for all of those who question the sanity of that statement, let me give you an update– we have changed in our water transportation for some wings and will be flying there to visit my parents who are currently serving a mission for our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints as family history specialists.  They have been serving there for 8 months already and are thrilled to have us visit and hopefully bring some warmer weather with us!  For any of you who are curious about your own family lines, check out, it is amazing!

As for what’s in store… we’re not exactly sure, but for now we are definitely looking forward to flying on an airplane for the first time (the little girls), walking through haunted castles, visiting the William Wallace Monument (I’m totally going to paint my face blue :), a possible Nessie sighting, and just visiting our family homeland.  In preparation for this historical experience, we did do some research on a few of the castles, the wars that made them infamous, the crazy people that lived in them, and what they wore when they were fighting.    Pretty impressive background from a country who has fought for its freedom since 200 BC!  Samuel promised to try on a kilt too, I know many of you can’t wait for that post – I’ll be sure to give a viewer discretion warning at the top!)   Until then, here’s my favorite Scotland quote…

“There are two seasons in Scotland, June and winter!”

A couple of us didn't get the memo about the Where's Waldo matching shirts!


View of from Linlithgow Palace
I love the front door!
Linlithgow Palace Fountain- one of the nine still working in the entire UK!

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  1. Carol Ladle says:

    Love the pictures AND I am even there. MOM

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