The Education of a Wandering Family

“All loose things seem to drift down to the sea, and so did I.” LL

I’m not sure my dad would have seen the dangers to introducing me to the stories of Louis Lamour at the young age of fourteen… especially growing up in the relative safety of a landlocked state.  Who would have though that his words would take root in the confines of a young adventurer at heart and eventually become a chosen lifestyle for my family?  I find it rather ironic that the anniversary of us taking the first steps onto life aboard a 38′ catamaran falls in the same week we celebrate those BANNED BOOKS which have inevitably become platforms for new ideas-  blueprints for our changing society.  The danger in all literature is that there are ideas there– ones that can be embraced for good or evil AND let me add, hopefully we all have chosen to let those better ideas take root.  For those of you familiar with Louis Lamour, you should recognize the play off of his biography title… please take the time to read it– his life experiences and subsequent stories are intertwined with some excellent advice, which looking back, has definitely become a reflection of our own path in many ways!

“Life is not for simply watching spectator sports, or for taking part in them, it is not for simply living one working day to the next. Life is for delving, discovering, learning.” – LL
“Much is not dared because it seems hard; much seems hard only because it is not dared.” – LL

One year ago today, we set foot aboard our soon to be home for the next 6 months: Fezywig, a 38 ft. catamaran, and started living our dream we had been working towards for the past 4 years.   It is hard to believe that only one year has passed from the time we stepped aboard until now…  by way of sea we traveled over 2700 miles!  Our journey aboard Fezywig was one which we will never forget- the stepping out of our comfort zones and into an entirely NEW experience for all of us was one of the craziest things we have endeavored as a family and one which has shaped us into better people because of it.   Regardless of what our past has been or where the present brings us, the future is one which can always be written!

"An idea upon which attention is peculiarly concentrated on is an idea which tends to realize itself." - Charles Baudouin
“An idea upon which attention is peculiarly concentrated on is an idea which tends to realize itself.” – Charles Baudouin

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