FAQ- Sailing Trip

In an effort to respond to all of you who love us enough to ask… here are some answers to your questions!


Why do you want to go sailing?

I would have to say the seed was planted about 20 years ago from a good friend in college.  He told us the story of  his family sailing down from Canada through the South Pacific and spending 2 years (or so) aboard a boat- his parents starting cold turkey and learning along the way.  Since then (I’ve been a bit more serious about trying to make it happen for about 5 yrs now) we have played around with travel routes, timelines, boat possibilities, financial planning needs, connected with friends who want to sail, read books  about sailing as a family, religiously followed other sailing families blogs (more like stalked), read and watched more literature/ media on sailing, made decisions to travel across country, crewed last summer with a local yacht club, took sailing classes together and finally worked our hearts out to arrive where we are now… I don’t know if that really answered WHY- other than I just keep coming back to it… God put this desire in my heart for a reason and got us to this point- now we’ve just got to step out of our comfort zone and see if we have the courage to see what happens next.


What are you hoping to accomplish?

  • a sabbatical for Travis
  • to see a bit of the world together- see new places, new people, and learn new things
  • to not throw up too much



How did you find your boat? 

Through the homeschooling conference LDSHE.org, I met and stayed in contact with an awesome mom and family who shared those same sailing dreams– Emily and Erik Orton.   We met them and Fezywig officially a few weeks ago- they are from NY, have 5 kids, AND  just finished sailing for 8 months in the Caribbean and up the east coast.  They have agreed to lease us their boat and help us on our way with our own sailing adventure.  You can find a record of their experiences and travels here.

What kind of boat is it?

Its a 38′ catamaran- rigged to sail, but also equipped with 2 auxilary engines for our/ your peace of mind.   The 2 hulls really help with stability (not so much heeling) and the extra space is perfect for our family of 6.  There are 4 cabins, 2 heads (bathrooms) and a large salon/ cockpit for eating and hanging out.  We’re super excited to get to live on Fezywig–Here’s the layout and salon area– (for more pics checkout their website)





When/ Where do you plan on leaving?    

Tentatively the plan is to pick up the boat in NY sometime in the short term future… as soon as repairs are made and she is back on the water (hopefully that will be end of Sept).


Where are you going?

From VA– we’re heading south…don’t know what the rest of you will do this winter! Our plan is to take baby steps, shakedowns, and day trips down the east coast via the ICW (Intra-Coastal Waterway) until we finally arrive in southern Florida and prepare for a crossing into the Bahamas… and probable islands beyond.  However, we are keeping our agenda open and flexible.


How long will you be gone?

We have an open 6-12mo. lease, depending on how we/ Fezywig hold out and how much the weather cooperates, we were aiming for returning before hurricane season starts back up again… so we’ll be stateside again sometime in May.


How will you stay in contact with people?

We will be getting wi-fi access when we get into port and close to land, email will be our main means of communication.  And this blog- andersonclanadventures.wordpress.com  And of course I should be adding Instagram as well, I’m just not there yet.



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